About Me

Hailing from Lviv, Ukraine — a crucible of engineering brilliance — Boris Dobrin is a testament to innovative leadership. Shaped by a milieu teeming with engineering maestros, Boris garnered a razor-sharp analytical acumen that later became the catalyst for his pioneering ventures. As the brainchild behind the Dobrin Group, his role as its Founder and CEO epitomizes the fusion of passion and expertise.

The winds of destiny brought him to Southern California, where an odyssey into the intricacies of finance awaited him at the illustrious Wells Fargo. This phase sharpened his entrepreneurial appetite and sowed the seeds for BD Investments at the tender age of 19. An early testament to his emergent business acumen, this venture was a mere prelude to more incredible feats.

Indeed, Boris’s footprint in the tech domain soon deepened. His trailblazing efforts led to a state-of-the-art food delivery platform. Yet, his crowning achievement lay in overhauling the tech-shy healthcare sector, affirming his standing as an innovator par excellence.

The Dobrin Group, under his astute direction, transcends conventional business models. It’s a movement. Emblematic of this ethos is The Testing Company, a flagship enterprise committed to expansive COVID-19 testing solutions nationwide.

Marrying cutting-edge tech with tried-and-true business tactics, Boris’s leadership has ushered in an era of enhanced operational efficiency and enriched user engagement, propelling the organization to loftier heights.

With its roots deep in Los Angeles, the Dobrin Group, championed by Boris, has cast its net across the US. Its dedicated battalion, stationed from one seaboard to the next, ensures the group’s groundbreaking solutions touch myriad lives, etching an indelible mark on the industry’s fabric.

The tapestry of the Dobrin Group is ever-expanding. Straddling realms from healthcare to showbiz, its sky-high aspirations, centered on unmatched client experiences and tackling contemporary challenges, foretell a journey filled with exhilaration.

In Boris Dobrin, one discerns an embodiment of ceaseless innovation, unwavering dedication to consumers, and an unquenchable thirst for excellence. His spirited entrepreneurship fuels the Dobrin Group, foretelling an even brighter, transformative horizon for this burgeoning behemoth.