Founder and CEO of Dobrin Group

Boris Dobrin


About Me

Boris Dobrin stands as a beacon of inventive leadership. Nurtured amidst a backdrop rich with engineering virtuosos, Boris honed an unparalleled analytical insight, which later paved the way for his groundbreaking undertakings. As the mastermind of the Dobrin Group, his dual role as Founder and CEO perfectly blends fervor with finesse.

Fate guided him to Southern California, presenting him with a deep dive into the intricate world of finance at the renowned Wells Fargo. This chapter refined his entrepreneurial spirit and planted the initial roots for BD Investments when he was just 19. As an early indicator of his budding business intuition, this endeavor hinted at even grander accomplishments.

Boris’s technological ventures rapidly expanded, highlighted by the launch of an avant-garde food delivery platform. However, his magnum opus was the transformative shift he brought to a technology-averse healthcare domain, solidifying his mark as a top-tier innovator.

Beyond traditional business archetypes lies the Dobrin Group, which, under Boris’s visionary guidance, is more than just a company—it’s a revolution. The Testing Company, a linchpin of the group, is committed to providing widespread COVID-19 testing solutions nationwide.

By intertwining state-of-the-art technology with timeless business strategies, Boris has steered the organization into a golden age of streamlined operations and immersive user experiences, setting new industry standards.

Anchoring itself in Los Angeles, the Dobrin Group’s reach spans coast to coast under Boris’s aegis. A passionate team spread across the vast American landscape ensures that the group’s novel solutions have a resounding impact, imprinting a permanent legacy on the industry.

The saga of the Dobrin Group continues to unfold. Traversing sectors from healthcare to entertainment, its ambitious visions emphasize unparalleled customer interactions and confrontation of modern-day challenges, hinting at a future rife with potential and thrill.

In Dobrin, the essence of perpetual innovation, unwavering consumer allegiance, and zealous pursuit of perfection converge. His undying entrepreneurial flair propels the Dobrin Group towards a luminous and transformative future.